Saturday, 28 April 2012

Supernatural: The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Ah, Felicia Day. The woman all girl geeks want to be. How amazing was she in this episode?! LOVED.

We finally get another Leviathan episode, and what an episode it was!

Charlie Bradbury--Geek girl extraordinaire--finds that her hacking ways have come to the attention of one, Dick Roman.
You see, Dick has gotten his hands on Frank's hard drive, but it's so protected that only an expert hacker can break it. Enter Charlie.

When Charlie attempts to hack in, the hard drive automatically sends an email to Sam and Dean and brings it to their attention.
With the help of Frank's hard drive, they track Charlie down--AFTER she's read Frank's data and realizes exactly WHAT Dick Roman is.

Bobby is finally able to tell the boys everything he's learned about the Leviathan's plans--How they're planning to pretty much take over top spot on the food chain and keep us all as cattle. Ack!

Because every single Leviathan on earth knows the Winchester's, they must recruit Charlie to hack into Dick's email to find out when a certain package will be delivered.
After some hilarious scenes with Dean in the van coaching Charlie, a lesbian, as she flirts her way through the guard near Roman's office, she easily hacks into the head Leviathan's email and discovers where and when the package is to arrive.

The boys, of course, get to it first and in its place, leave a Borax bomb that explodes in the Leviathan's faces.
Take that, nasty teethy-monsters! Ha!

Once safely away, the boys discover that the package Roman was waiting for...Is a lump of red clay.

Of course, I can't call this a recap without mentioning Bobby, who was with Charlie through the whole thing.
He sneaked his flask into her bag and went with her as she hacked into Roman's computer.
Luckily he was there to distract the guard momentarily as she finished up.

Unluckily he was there to break her arm and go all vengeance-spirit on Roman's ass.
Um, that's not a good thing. :(
And so I must apologize to Dean for last week's post. Dean, you were right to be worried. Can you ever forgive me? ;)

In the last scene, Sam and Dean wonder how they'll deal with Bobby once he becomes a problem...And I can't help but wonder as well.

All in all, I enjoyed this week's episode.
I loved the humour and Roman's snark.
I've never wished I was Felicia Day more than
I did during this scene...
I loved Felicia Day...Pretty much playing herself.
I loved that we finally got another Leviathan episode.
I loved that it was a lighter episode.

I didn't love that Felicia Day pretty much carried the whole episode.
I didn't love the Bobby plot. :(

Please forgive me if this recap leaves stuff out. I accidentally deleted the episode before I could rewatch, so I'm going by memory! :(

Best Lines:
-"Perfect. It's in the middle of the Death Star"-Dean
-"Pretend he has boobs."-Dean
-"I was drunk. It was Comic Con".-Charlie
And so may more that I can't remember!

Questions we have after this episode:
-What's with the red clay?!
-Is Bobby going to go crazy?
-How will the boys stop the Leviathans?
-Can we please have Charlie back in future episodes?!
-How will the boys deal with Bobby?
-How will they wrap up the season with only 2 episodes left?!
-When will we see Cas again?

Here's the promo for next week's episode, Reading is Fundamental.

HOLY $&#$%&$^&$%^$%^U%^!!!!!!!!

See you here next week, Winchester fans!

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  1. You're so right, I loved Charlie so much. Wish she had a repeat episode. Leviathan episodes rock. Can't wait for the new episode friday night.