Thursday, 23 January 2014

Reign-- For King and Country

Image from the CW

After tonight’s episode, I had to write down a few thoughts!

Things have changed completely! Like, the whole show—changed! …I’m not sure I like it yet.

Bash and Mary were quickly found and brought back to the palace. Mary ultimatums (yes, that word is now a verb. Deal with it.) the king—To save Francis, she wants Bash legitimized, and she’ll marry him instead of Francis. Um, o…kay? Why is that good, exactly? Francis is a whiny, weak little boy. The only thing he had going for him was that he was going to be king one day. Hell, even Henry mentions how weak Frankie is! So, without the throne, without Mary…what’s going to happen to him?!

The king agrees (wat? He does? Why?), and Bash will be the new king after Henry dies. Henry is preeeetty pissed at Catherine, and he wants to kill her. Instead, he banishes her to a convent…But wait! At the very last second, he decides against that and keeps her around. He wants to keep an eye on her. Which is good, because I was FREAKING OUT. I mean, Megan Follows (and Bash’s eyes. Oh, and kitchen-boy…where the hell IS kitchen-boy anyway?!) is the BEST thing about this show, and I was seriously about to give up on it without her!

Oh, and THEN crazy bag-lady freaking STABS Nossie in the neck, yo! WHAT THE HELL, DUDE?! So…is he gonna die?!

But my question is—

When the hell is Mary going to tell Bash—the future king and her new fiancĂ©!—that she’s not a virgin?! I mean, that was NOT cool back in the day, right?! 

Oh, and poor Frankie, right? Yeah, I feel for him. But I’m Team Bash all the way. ;)

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