Saturday, 2 August 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy-- My Thoughts

Okay, so when I saw the first trailer for this movie, I was sure I was going to hate it. It looked stupid, with crude, dumb humour. Not like my type of movie at all. I had no desire to see it whatsoever.

And then the advanced screenings began to happen, and friends I knew and trusted were raving about it. They were telling me that I HAD to see it, and that it was exactly my type of movie.

I thought they were insane.

But on their word, I decided to go. I won't lie, I went into it expecting to hate it... I  was almost WANTING to hate it.
And until about halfway through, although I didn't HATE it, I wasn't as impressed as everyone told me I would be.

I don't know when it happened, or why things changed or even HOW it changed, but it did. Magic happened. And it was wonderful.

I loved this movie, you guys. I'll even go as far as to say I loved it more than I loved Avengers. I know, I know, I'm shocked too!

This story was amazing. It was perfectly touching, emotional, and funny as HELL. It was clever, fun, wild and full of action.

The cast was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Karen Gillan and, very surprisingly, David Bautista were the ones who killed it on screen. Gillan was BAD. ASS. Bautista was just awesome.

Rocket was HILARIOUS, and not at all cheesy or corny, like I expected him to be.

And Groot...My god, who knew that I could literally fall in love with a tree who only says 3 little words.
I am Groot. Sweet, wonderful, touching, beautiful Groot.
I need to get my hands on every Groot comic now, so I know more about him.

Rooker was Rooker. Always great. Always fun. Always with that tiny little bit of heart to his maniacal characters. And always calling someone, "Boy". ;)

Chris Pratt, who I don't know from anything but this movie, was adorable.

And Lee Pace was frickin' fantastic.

I was proud of myself for finally being able to kind of follow along with the tie-ins with other movies and shows. For instance, I was familiar with the Kree in this movie, because of Agents of SHIELD. I remembered Thanos from Avengers. So, yay, me.

The soundtrack was unbelievable, and I'll be purchasing it as soon as I hit 'post' on this blog. The music almost made this movie what it was. Without the music, I don't think it would have meshed as well as it did. The music was almost a whole other character, and it was perfect.

James Gunn, although I know you'll never read this, I want to apologize to you. I'm so, so sorry for judging this movie as wrongly as I did. I'm so sorry for not giving it, and you, the benefit of the doubt.

Gunn made this movie magical. He used the cheese and turned it on itself to make the cheese hilarious, or touching, or sad. He knew exactly what to do with a brilliant script.

And guys. Guys. The after credits scene? EFFING PERFECTION.


The end. ;)

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  1. I loved this movie as well. I wasn't as skeptical about it as you were because my husband is obsessed with comic books. I read some, but he reads basically all of them, so he tells me about the characters and things. Also, sometimes I steal comic books from him and read them, too. So I already knew some things about guardians of the galaxy and about thanos from both reading and my husband. And trying to keep up with his conversations with his friends, lol.

    And that movie was amazing on so many levels. I enjoyed it just for the characters, but also for the references it kept making. There are some random things I am obsessed with in the comic book universe and that movie referenced more than one of them.

    First of all, the astronaut dog, his name is Cosmo and him and rocket raccoon absolutely hate each other. I LOVE Cosmo and can't wait until he actually talks in the movies (he's telepathic). I know the arguments between the two of them will be epic and I kept squealing whenever he was on the screen.

    I told my husband that even though Cosmo didn't talk, my three favorite characters were two animals and a tree. (Cosmo, Rocket, and Groot.)

    And also I'm obsessed with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. And both those things were referenced in the movie. The stone that they kept fighting over is one of the pieces of the Infinity Gauntlet.

    And it just makes me have a nerdgasm. I'm just sad because I couldn't afford to see the movie more than once.