Monday, 12 November 2012

Once Upon A Time: Child of the Moon

Yaaaay, a Red episode! But, sadly, not the best Red episode. It was just okay for me. How about you guys?

Oh, and do I get to gloat now? I do? Okay!

I was right, nyah, nyah! I was right about Henry and Aurora's dream! I am teh smart! S-M-R-T, smart! (Simpsons reference for the win?)

Ahem! Okay, on with the recap! Here we go!


In Fairytale Land that Was-

Snow and Red are running from the Queen's lackeys. They escape, but the full moon is upon them and Red's cloak has ripped. They must split up. They agree to meet again the next day.

Red wakes in the forest and goes to meet Snow. As she's washing up, her hood is stolen. She chases after the culprit who reveals that he knows what she is, and that he's also a child of the moon.
His name is Quinn and he brings her to a place that can help her learn to control her wolf side.
The leader of the wolf band is Anita...Red's mother.
She tells Red the 'truth' about her childhood and her wolf side and takes Red for a run. Red remembers everything. She can control the wolf.

Suddenly, Snow enters the wolf hideout. Red saves her from her wolf pack, but the King's men track her and find the hideout.
Quinn is killed by the soldiers and Anita wants to make Snow pay for his death.
Red refuses to kill her friend, but Anita changes and lunges for Snow. Red changes and pounces on Anita...accidentally pushing her onto a spiky adornment that kills her.


In Storybrooke-

The Dwarfs are mining when Grumpy falls through a wall. He's found diamonds, and diamonds means FAIRY DUST!
Everyone heads to Granny's to celebrate. As they eat, drink and make merry, Red is working.
A man named Billy tells her that his name is really Gus and that he was one of Cinderella's mice. (OMG, I loved Gus! The adorable fat little mousie!)
He asks Red out for a drink, but she has to turn him down. It's the first full moon since the curse was broken, she can't find her red hood, and she has no idea what's going to happen.

Meanwhile, Widmore King George drops by to talk to Charming. He threatens to tell the townsfolk who Charming really is. Charming doesn't seem to give a rats ass what the King does. He has faith in his people.

The next morning, Granny comes into her diner to find that Red has escaped the fortified freezer. There are wolf-scratches all over the kitchen.

Across town, Henry is having the dream again. The room is on fire and he sees a woman in white....and then Regina wakes him. (She's babysitting because Charming has to find Red)
Oddly, he wakes with a burn on his hand!

 Granny and Charming find Red in the forest. Charming gets called to a suspicious vehicle.
Inside they find half of poor Billy. Red finds the other half a few feet away. Red is sure she killed him.

Over at Snow's place, Mr. Gold makes a housecall. He gives Henry a charm that will help him control his dream--which is actually a real place. A place somewhere between life and death.
He does this as a favour to Henry. (I wonder what housecalls REALLY cost?!)

Back at the crime scene, Charming doesn't believe Red did it. She convinces him to lock her up, just in case.
But in walks King George, who accuses Red of murder and wants justice. Charming's not having it and stands in the King's way.
The King goes to the people and rallies a mob against Red. Luckily, Charming has recruited Belle and has taken Red to the library basement.
Belle refuses to leave Red so Red tricks her and cuffs her inside the library.
Red then goes to turn herself into the mob because she believes she should die. (Er, wut? This is all not very Red-like...)

In the meantime, Granny tracks the killer--King George--who has Red's hood in the trunk of his car.
Charming realizes this is all a plot against him. Poor Red was just the device the King chose to use.

The mob finds Red in her wolf form and the King raises a gun. But, THWACK, Granny is right there with her crossbow and shoots the gun out of his hand!
Charming explains what the King did and proves that Red isn't a killer by 'taming' the wolf, making her remember who she is, and giving her hood back.
The King escapes and Charming and Red go after him.

They find him easily enough, near a bonfire. He has the fairy dust and he tosses it all into the fire. He vows that no matter how much they get, Charming will never see his wife or daughter again.
Red talks Charming out of killing the King.

Later at Snow's, Charming is feeling disheartened and Red gives him a pep talk. Then she goes for a wolf run.

And Henry has another dream. This time he controls it. He makes the fire die and speaks to the girl he sees...


In Fairytale Land that Is-

Aurora has another nightmare.
"This time it was different. There was a little boy. He put out the fire. He talked to me. He said his name was Henry."


BOOM! How's THAT for a reveal, right?!

So, a 'meh' episode with a pretty great ending. And remember, 'meh' for OUAT is 'frickin' awesome' for all other shows. That's how high my standards have become because the writing/acting/directing/everything is just SO DAMN GOOD.

Sadly, I just didn't find Red all that believable in this episode. She's a STRONG woman. I don't think she'd just roll over and give herself up like she did.
But I'm not a writer, so what do I know?! ;)

-Beverley Elliot is just so, so great as Granny.
-Meghan Ory is a brilliant Red.
-The Dwarf scene at the beginning. I got goosebumpy when they found the diamonds!
-Lee Aranberg. 'Nuff said,

What questions do we have after this episode?
-Will Henry and Emma communicate through Aurora now?
-How will Emma and Snow get home?
-Why does King George want to ruin Charming?
-Does the King want the town?
-How did he get the fairydust?!
-What did he mean when he said Charming will never see his wife and daughter? Does he know something or is he just going to keep stealing the fairydust?
-CAN the fairydust help Emma and Snow get home?
-What do housecalls really cost?
-Why did Gold do Henry that favour? Is Belle rubbing off on him, finally?

No episode next week, Oncers. But here's the trailer for 'Into The Deep', which airs on Nov. 25!


Only TWO more episodes until the mid-season break, you guys! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITHOUT OUAT?! :(

See you back here in two weeks!


  1. Loved the recap as always. I loved the Dwarfs at the beginning and even got a little teary when they found the diamonds! I too was surprised that Red was so willing to turn herself in without proof first that she was the one who killed Billy. Maybe it's just that she's been Ruby for so long and not really sure of herself, now that she remembers she's Red she's not sure if after all the time that's passed she can control the wolf. Loved your reference to Widmore! I can't look at King George and not think Widmore, LOL! Always the evil jerk, but he does it so well. I can't wait to see what happens with Henry and Aurora's "dreams", this could be really interesting. One question though, wasn't it Hatter's hat that King George burned? It sure looked like the hat to Becca and me. He said something like "You'll never have enough fairy dust to fix this." and Charming said to Red afterwards that fairy dust alone wasn't enough. Next week is going to feel so empty without an episode! Good for Tegan though; she watched the entire first season over the weekend and now she'll have a chance to catch up on season 2 as well!

    1. Well that makes MUCH more sense! The hat! Duh!
      I thought it was a bag full of fairydust! LOL

      Make sure you get Tegan to read my recaps...and post too, if she has comments or questions!
      Even on older episodes, I love to talk about it that much! :P

  2. The king wants to ruin charming because of the happiness that keeps coming charmings way. He's so torn up over not having his wife and family that he's trying miserably to drag everyone down. I think he and Cora will get along wonderfully....I don't think he wants the town, as much as he wants people to turn and isolate against David.
    I must admit, I really missed Hook this episode. I was getting so used to his beautiful guyliner:P
    I wonder if Gold is helping Henry because he thinks holding the ability to control those dreams could help them all escape the town and eventually find Bae.
    I think the dreams will play an important role in people getting in between the worlds. I worry that controlling them will exhaust Henry....He says in the preview clip that he wants to be a hero. Without anyone else to help him but Aurora will they come out alright in the end? What will they have to fight?

    And the next episode is so far away:O

  3. I haven't got the chance to watch the new episodes of this series due to busy work schedule. But based from your review, I need to find time to watch it. I think I'm missing lots of great episodes.